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Step Aside

“ Don't work yourself into the spotlight; don't push your way into the place of prominence.”
–Proverbs 25:6

These words have been shaping my soul recently. God has gently (and not so gently) revealed my desire for the spotlight. Mine is not the spotlight that comes with fame-filled lusts but the spotlight that declares, “Andy, you are soooooooo right.”

Listed below are some reflections I have been chewing on as I seek to step out of that light reserved for the King of Glory.

  • The spotlight manifests itself in my life, not in ways of fame but in pride. Humility keeps me out of the spotlight; pride puts me in it. A Prideful posture is the ultimate irony.
  • Needing to win and be right places me in the spotlight. I don’t need to win; I need to be faithful.
  • The celebrity culture that the spotlight perpetuates is not real and therefore prevents us from discovering God in the realities of life.
  • The trophies given to those in the spotlight are not the kind of accolades that children of the King should seek. The treasures of this earth can quickly rob us of the treasures of heaven, and they have a way of distorting our identity as children of the king.
  • The spotlight brings expectations and temptations that are not helpful to developing my heart and mind and how my behavior is expressed.
  • When in the spotlight, my shame is easily exposed. I need to reveal myself privately with the light of a loving God, not from the bright lights of people who can’t love me as much as he does.
  • The spotlight feeds narcissistic tendencies that whither my soul.
  • The spotlight blinds me from seeing those I am ministering to. The majority of people don’t live in the spotlight.
  • The spotlight begs questions that I don’t have answers to.
  • The spotlight amplifies me, and I need to decrease so that Jesus can shine through me.
  • I am not the star of any show. Nor need I be.
  • The spotlight belongs to Jesus.

I choose to step aside, out of the spotlight, and let Jesus stand in the place of all glory.
Step out of the spotlight.

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