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Nine Lines

Here are nine of my favorite lyrics that we sing at Christmas. Not only are these lines one that helps us understand the full glory of the Christmas story, but they are also ones that should cause us to fall on our knees and worship. Lean into them this holiday season as we lean into the Christ Child.

 God with Men is now Residing (Angels We Have Heard on High)
This is the Christmas story as simply and powerfully as it can be told. As Eugene Peterson writes in John 1, "God moves into the neighborhood."

Veiled in Flesh the Godhead see, Hail the Incarnate Deity (Hark the Herald Angels Sing)
God became one of us. We couldn't see him fully and didn't fully understand him because he was dressed like us. But it was the only way God could get our attention… and so he did it.

Our God Heaven can't Hold Him, nor can Earth Sustain (In the Bleak Midwinter)
God's love compelled him to send us Jesus. The love that exists from God's heart for humanity was so strong, so full, so complete that it burst out of heaven to find its way to Earth. Conversely, his love was so radical and authentic that we couldn't understand it and, without him, were unable to sustain it. So we put him on a cross.

Long lay the World in Sin and Error pining (O Holy Night)
Sin was too heavy and too dark and had done its intended purpose of bringing separation. Whether they know it or not, all created things have a pining heart to be reunited with their Creator. I feel this way about myself often.

A Thrill of Hope, a Weary World Rejoices (O Holy Night)
It's hard for the weary to do anything, let alone rejoice. But even the smallest "thrill" of hope made all the difference. Jesus still thrills me and takes my breath away; he wants to thrill us all even more if we let him.

At the Dawn of Redeeming Grace (Silent Night)
That's what is so great about Christmas… a new beginning, a new start, a new relationship, a new way to know God. Jesus is still the dawn of a grace that transforms us.

God Imparts to Human Hearts, the Blessings of His Heaven (O Little Town of Bethlehem)
Love did come down at Christmas; through the birth of Jesus. Heaven did invade our hearts. This world is not our home, and people have wanted to find their real home in heaven for thousands of years. In Jesus, they can.

What then can I offer, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would give a lamb. If I were a wise man, I would do my part. But what can I offer? I'll give him my heart. (In the Bleak Midwinter)
I don't have much to bring; in fact, in so many areas, I am a poor boy (Per rum pum pum pum) but what I can give him is myself. It's not much, but it's everything.

And in His Name – All Oppression Shall Cease (O Holy Night)

The glorious gospel of Jesus Christ brings us hope, peace, joy, and love. And it is meant not just to be richly appreciated but to be deeply applied. Christmas is not just about receiving peace but extending it.

These were my top nine worshipful Christmas lyrics. What are yours? And why?

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