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As I have been flipping through the pages of scripture this week and seeking to understand further the incredible story of God's passionate love for us, I have come across three declarations that help us to understand this epic adventure.

The first declaration is found right at the story's beginning, in Genesis 1. After the stars have been flung into their place in space, the depths of the oceans filled with water, the sun hung perfectly in the sky, the animals given such wonderful names, the seeds buried in the soil, and man formed in the image of its glorious creator… God pours a cold cup of Coke, puts his feet up for a brief while, looks down with a smile of satisfaction, and makes this first declaration; "It is good!" (Gen 1:31).

The story continues that God loves us so much he lets us make our own decisions - and an aspect of God's love is that he loved us enough to let us make some bad decisions …and we did. A terrible one that spoiled all that God had declared good. Something had to be done.

So after many years and much love, God sent us Jesus. His perfect, 'good' life modeled for us not only what a good life looked like but provided us with a way to be good. He brought heaven from 'up there to 'down here' and established a kingdom radically different from what everyone had ever known. Doing so meant removing the decay from us, and so 'he who had no sin became sin for us (2 Corinthians 5:21). As he hung on the cross and sucked away the sin of the world and breathed his last, he made this second declarative statement, 

"It is finished." Because of what God had done, the work of salvation was finished. (John 19:30). One day, we will hear a final declaration. It will be one that all who follow Jesus will hear in heaven – the place that is beyond our vision, understanding, and comprehension. In that place of perpetual newness and life, we will hear the voice of our king make the third declaration. "It is done" (Rev 21:6)

When it comes to creation – God declares it is good! When it comes to salvation – God declares it is finished! When it comes to redemption, that time when all is beautifully restored – God declares it is done!

I can't wait to hear that final declaration! In response, I suppose we can only have one declaration.

"Thank You"

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