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Progressive Trust

Jesus asks us to put our complete trust in him. The call of the gospel is 'everything'... Jesus is not content with 25% of us, 50%, or even 75%. He wants all of us. But he knows how hard this is for us and so, in his grace, offers to walk alongside us as we move forward towards greater levels of trust.

In Mark 5, Jesus encounters a Father who is frantically concerned that his young, 12-year-old daughter has a sickness that will lead to death. Ultimately, Jesus performs a fantastic miracle in this young girl's life, rescuing her from the grasp of the grave. While we are not sure how much time, distance or distraction there is between the time this man first pleads with Jesus and before his daughter was back on her feet (Vs. 42), we do know that in the time that elapsed, there were numerous ways that Jesus walked alongside this concerned father and helped him to develop and increase his level of faith.

Note the following ways that Jesus encouraged this father to move towards more profound levels of faith throughout this amazing encounter;

Jesus walked with him. (5:24). We read that Jesus "went with Jarius." The same promise is true for us as we seek to trust him more. We don't trust in one who is distant from us but in one who walks with us towards greater trust.

Jesus showed his power to him. (5:29). Through the healing of another, Jesus demonstrated that he has the power to fulfill Jarius' request. Seeing possibility become a reality, even if in another, must have encouraged him. I know it does me.

Jesus challenged him to ignore the doubters (5:36). When doctors and skeptics said that death was already upon her, Jesus encouraged Jarius to ignore the doubters and keep believing. How often in situations of trust are we robbed of moving forward because we believe those who doubt?

Jesus offers calm amid the great drama. (5:39). While people are panicking and reacting overly emotionally, Jesus asks them why there is so much commotion. The commotion is another sign of the lack of trust, rather than the calm assurance offered by the one we are invited to trust. Calmness creates trust.

Jesus demonstrates his worthiness for our trust (5:42). healing the little girl. The greatest propeller of our trust is to see the promises of God fulfilled.

We are called to put our complete trust in God, as Jarius did. But Jarius could only do so because Jesus walked, showed, challenged, calmed, and demonstrated to him along this miraculous journey. What's the next step forward in trust for you? As you prepare to make it, know that Jesus is with you, encouraging you to make it.

Give all you know of yourself to all you know of him.

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