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His Signature

In the car this morning, I was listening to the song "Life song" by Casting Crowns. At the end of one of the verses, the lyric is sung, "I want to sign your name at the end of the day, knowing that my heart was true." The thought here is that we must live lives with such humility, character, integrity, and love that Jesus would be willing to sign off on our efforts each day - knowing that our life has brought him great pride.

As I have been meditating on this thought throughout the day, I have been chewing on what kind of a life must be lived if we are to see the signature of God at the end of our days. We see the signature of God when the things of God are accomplished in the ways of God. For example, when; - The unlovable are loved. - The poor are provided for. - The broken are healed. - The businessman makes ethical decisions that ooze with integrity. - The man of God says no to temptation and yes to faithfulness. - The child of God stoops in humility and prayer. - A life is lived solely for the Glory of God.

In Luke 24, Jesus is on a walk to the town of Emmaus with two disciples. At first, they don't recognize him, but as they sat down and ate together, they suddenly realized that who they were talking with was the resurrected Jesus. While no one is sure what the trigger for recognizing Jesus was, I believe that it was something to do with the familiar way that Jesus ate. In the scripture, we read that:
1) He took the bread
2) He gave thanks
3) He broke the bread
4) He gave it to them

 This familiar picture was for the disciples a reminder of Jesus mealtime signature.

They'd seen it happen many times before, and here he was, doing it again – in precisely the same way that he had at the last supper we read about in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 and Luke 22. My point is that they recognized Jesus by the 'signature way' that he ate with disciples. God's signature is written into the very fiber and foundation of this world that we are a part of. The question for us is, "Are our lives lived in such a way that God would add his signature to them?"

Live well.

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